Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lazy Me

Two days of eating out for lunch totally messed up my food diary. Thursday, we had another team lunch at Cafe Deluxe and I was too embarrassed to ask for a nutrition fact sheet. Yes, I am a wuss! I could try to come up with the nutritional information by looking up each separate ingredient, but a) I am too lazy and b) I probably don't want to know! Cafe Deluxe has fabulous gruyere mac and cheese, so I split a side of that with a coworker IN ADDITION to my grilled chicken, avocado, and onion sandwich with fries. And two Cokes. *shame*

For dinner Thursday, I had leftover Shepherd's Pie, which I made for dinner Wednesday with the boyfriend. I also ate Shepherd's Pie for lunch yesterday (not one to waste food) followed by an exorbitant amount of beers at happy hour and a couple slices of pizza for late-night dinner. What a healthy few days this has been!

I'll probably try to count the calories for yesterday's meals and definitely will start over today. First thing on my menu is a sunny-side up egg from the Farmer's Market last weekend. Yum!

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