Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day Off from Food Diary

I had a team meeting today and the company paid for lunch at Cactus Cantina in Tenleytown. I've tried for the past half hour to find nutritional information for the food I ate, but it's extremely difficult as I had a variety of items in one platter and don't know if the information I'm finding online is anywhere close to accurate. Therefore, I'm counting this as a day off from the food diary! I don't know how people keep track of restarant meals when the nutritional information is not readily available.

I have another team meeting tomorrow with lunch at Cafe Deluxe. This time I'll look for a nutritional information sheet - hopefully they'll have one I can take home!

By the way, I had the Laredo platter at Cactus Cantina, which is one shredded beef enchilada, one chicken enchilada, and one chicken taco, with Mexican rice and frijoles a la charra (a kind of bean soup). It was delicious!

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