Friday, August 15, 2008

Strawberries and Cupcakes - Together!

I had a craving for coconut cupcakes over the weekend, so I sent the bf on a mission to procure coconut flakes, coconut milk, and powdered sugar. Unfortunately, Trader Joe's has a very limited baking section and had only one of the above items (coconut milk). He did, however, bring back a nice quart of strawberries, so I changed plans completely and made chocolate cupcakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting.

The cupcake recipe was adapted from Joy of Baking, but I may have taken a wrong turn when I substituted milk for water when dissolving the cocoa powder. Also, I fear I overcreamed the butter and sugar, making for an extremely dense batter (looked like mousse). The cupcakes turned out okay but rather dry and had an odd bouncy texture rather than being crumbly. I had better luck with the frosting though, which was 1 bar of cream cheese mixed with a stick of butter, strawberry puree (blended and sieved strawberries), and powdered sugar. I used a resealable plastic bag to pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes and got some ugly ones that were eaten immediately, and some rather pretty ones like the one below:

I also had some cut up strawberries with lunch this week and used two of the adorable animal food picks I got for bento! My coworkers are at a loss for words when looking at my lunches lately.

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