Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adorable Onigiri

Inspired by the gorgeous photos and instructions from Lunchinabox.net, I decided to try my hand at making yaki onigiri (grilled rice balls). I used Japanese Kokuho Rose rice which is short-grained and sticky, perfect for holding the onigiri shape, and filled some of the onigiri with curried tuna (drained canned tuna mixed with mayo, curry powder, green onion, and salt). This technique from Just Hungry helped with the shaping of each ball. To differentiate filled and plain onigiri, I rolled the edges of the plain ones in toasted black sesame seeds. I also mixed some sesame oil into the soy sauce used for brushing each ball before pan frying.

onigiri (untoasted)

The result? Georgeous, toasted rice that pairs nicely with curried tuna and would be even better with some kind of dipping sauce (maybe more soy). I deem this experiment a success!

yaki onigiri

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