Monday, January 5, 2009

Food-Related Presents

After almost 4 years together, my boyfriend knows me well enough to anticipate that food-related presents will be the best-received (besides jewelry, of course - what girl doesn't like some sparkle?). But I didn't think that he would be so attentive as to pick up on a food-related problem that I've been having for the past few months...

A few posts ago, I complained that the lack of sunlight has greatly decreased the quality of my food photography. Taking photos with flash washed out all the vibrant colors, but taking photos without flash were either too yellow (indoor lighting) or blurry (unsteady hand). As a result, I just stopped taking as many food photos as I have in the past.

Much to my surprise, the bf noticed and decided to do something about it! He made me a homemade light box using white foam board, clip-on lamps, and full spectrum lightbulbs. He also bought me a mini tripod to help with the shaky hand problem. The light box wasn't quite done until yesterday but I have used the tripod a number of times already, which has really improved the non-flash photos, even without special lighting!

Chinese leftovers bento: Singapore noodles, sesame chicken with broccoli, lemon cookie, and honeydew gummy

soy/brown sugar salmon, israeli couscous, roasted asparagus

Besides the lightbox and tripod, the best present I got this year was a Reynolds Handi-Vac from the bf's mother. If you haven't heard of this before, you MUST try one! It creates a vacuum seal in ziploc bags which protects frozen foods from freezer burns and helps refrigerated produce stay fresh longer. It is insanely awesome and so much fun to use. I now have a fridge and freezer full of little vacuum-sealed packets!

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